xx30ct HALO 25mg Hemp Capsules – Weight Management & Exercise



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Product Description

HALO Weight Management & Exercise Capsules: 25mg each

General Target Type Supplement Complex


Weight Management & Exercise Formulation: Each of our time release dry capsules is infused with 27.5mg (actual) of pure Hemp isolate resulting in an advertised 25mg per capsule.

Additional Powerful ingredients include Green Coffee Bean Extract, Trans-Resveratrol, Hoodia Gordonii 20:1 Extract and Piperine. 

The HALO Weight Management & Exercise Blend is the strongest alternative to many weight loss and energy booster pills flooding the marketplace. We offer the absolute best quality ingredients, HPLC tested to ensure the highest efficacy – outperforming other hemp extract capsules on the market. Why take all the other supplements and get no bio-absorption when you can have the HALO capsules that suit your needs best, each designed for maximum performance and 3-5 times more bio-absorption constituents than the leading competitors. 

Bottles of 30 Weight Management and Exercise Blend capsules with an effective daily regimen of 15-50mg hemp isolate per day.

– No other company matches our quality or price –

Purity: We Only Use HPLC Certified Pure Hemp Isolate. Our pure hemp extract is GMO free and not a chemically synthesized form.

Contents Per Bottle: 30 capsules per bottle

Concentration: 25mg capsules contain 27.5mg (actual) of hemp isolate per capsule, plus 475mg of powerful co-constituents listed

Serving Size: 1 to 2 Capsules Per Day, some people may use 2-4 depending on condition.


All orders come with the current printed and certified lab COA plus a purity guarantee that no other provider can offer. This product is legal in every state, contains zero THC and does not show a positive on any type of urinalysis test regardless of current or past usage level, duration or number of hours since last use. 


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