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Product Description

EqiNine™ 1,000mg of Pure CBD (99.9% Hemp Isolate) Infused in Organic Coconut Oil 

Crystal Clear Hemp Drops


Easier for Our Canine Friends to Digest

Our product is made with Organic Coconut MCTs that don’t need bile salts to be digested and can pass directly from the digestive system to the blood stream without being modified by digestion like long chain fats. This makes them easier to digest and utilize than long chain fatty acids.

Support Hormones, Rebuild Body Tone and Reduce Stress

Since fats are needed for proper hormone creation and balance in the body, MCTs may offer special benefits for canines struggling with hormone imbalances. There is also research suggesting that medium chain fats may be beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight by helping rebalance hormones and improving insulin sensitivity. CBD has been shown to reduce swelling and joint pain.

Instant Power Boost for Immune Health

The same antiviral and antibacterial properties make HealthMax MCTs beneficial for immune function and is combined with the benefits of HealthMax Pure 99% CBD, made from imported industrial hemp and processed with clean Co2 & Alcohol pharma-quality extraction.

EquiNine 500mg Crystal Clear Hemp Drops in Pure Organic Coconut Oil – No Hemp Taste and a Pure, Clean Appearance

EquiNine Exclusive! No Taste, No Color Coconut Oil Hemp Drops. Each 30ml bottle of our specially formulated crystal-clear Organic coconut oil is infused with 1,100mg (actual) of pure hemp isolate resulting in an advertised 1,000mg per 30ml bottle. Effective delivery is 1.1mg per drop, or 30.33mg per 1ml (full dropper)

– No other company matches our quality or price –

Purity: We Only Use HPLC Certified Pure Hemp Isolate. Our pure hemp extract is GMO free and not a chemically synthesized form.

Contents Per Bottle: 1,000mg of our Hemp Isolate in 1 fl.oz. (30ml) Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil

Concentration: 1.0mL (30 drops or 1 Dropper) contains 33.33mg of pure hemp isolate

*For use with your dog (or cat). For best results mix with food or give directly by mouth and disperse half of the total daily drops twice per day. Shake well before administering and refrigerate after opening.


Recommended Minimum Usage:

Under 10lbs : .25 Dropper Daily

10-24lbs : .5 Dropper Daily 

25-50lbs : .75-1 Dropper Daily

50-100lbs : 1 Dropper Daily

Over 100lbs : 1.5 Droppers Daily


All orders come with the current printed and certified lab COA plus a purity guarantee that no other provider can offer. This product is legal in every state, contains zero THC and does not show a positive on any type of urinalysis test regardless of current or past usage level, duration or number of hours since last use. 


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